Elopement photographer in Fuerteventura e Canary Islands

Bullshit for SEO.
At the beginning of each reportage I should write some bullshit just for the sake of SEO. But the problem is simple: I’m not good and I don’t care. My language and expression is based on images, so I would only lose precious time for this. So, I will not write a nice wedding reportage in Fuerteventura, made by an unconventional wedding photographer in Canary Islands. I won’t even call myself a engagement photographer in Tenerife. Oh no, I won’t tell you the story of the bride and groom or some random phrases, just to use the words wedding dress, wedding details or wedding cake. Perhaps however it could be useful to talk about this fantastic wedding in Fuerteventura but I will not.

Or maybe I just did it. Who knows. Let’s let the pictures speak.

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